RETEX manufactures a variety of 100% eco-friendly products that utilize textile waste including wall panels, decorative boards, structural insulated panels and paving bricks. They all have one characteristic in common, our world-leading innovation in the use of waste to create outstanding construction materials.

Greenful products

RETEX paneel

Strong, load bearing panel made from textile fibers and a proprietary composite material.
  • Wide variety of size choices
  • For internal or external construction
  • Protective shield against fire

RETEX SIP paneel

Structural insulated panel made from a foam insulating layer with textile fibers between two RETEX panels.
  • Insulated sandwich panel
  • Used for wall paneling
  • Best suited for colder climates

RETEX ökopaneel

Conglomerate material of textile fiber, plastic and tire rubber shredded and mixed with glue to form thick tiles
  • For paving sidewalks, park grounds etc
  • Replaces concrete, asphalt, bricks, wood