Over the next five years, Greenful will become one of the largest recyclers of textile waste in the world. Our target is to recycle over 500,000 tons of textile waste by 2027, representing 15% of Europe’s total – every year.

Reaching this objective will not be easy and requires hard work and commitment from our team and global partners/suppliers. It will also require significant investment in plant, machinery and people to become one of the most successful innovators of products made from waste in the world.

Greenful is proud to work with forward-looking investors who share our vision. Sustainability and re-use of resources is key for our world’s survival and our investors act on this commitment by investing in our production and growth.

New investors who share the commitment to a circular environment are welcome to join our crusade for sustainability. We have many investment opportunities in different markets around the world and can discuss these with interested persons. 

Best of all, an investment in Greenful not only helps reduce waste in the environment but provides an excellent return for investors

Greenful has selected KPMG as a strategic partner to

  • Structure the business
  • Support with the fundraising
  • Establish relationships with local governments
  • Manage international growth

If our cause and mission resonate with you, please feel free to contact us to discuss possible investment opportunities in our business.

Michael Vasileff CFO