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Greenful Netherlands BV is collecting 5,000 tons of textile waste annually starting in Q1 2024.

The textile waste will be used to manufacture Greenful’s flagship product, the Greenful panel, the world’s first fully circular and sustainable construction panel made from textile and plastic waste.

  • All types of textile waste can be accepted, both synthetic and natural fibers, and there is no need for any pre processing by suppliers.
  • However, the material must be clean and dry, with no damp or heavily soiled components.
  • Terms of delivery include minimum 1 full truck load each shipment and 12 trucks yearly.
  • The gate fee will be agreed in advance.
  • The supplier is responsible for all logistics.

Please fill the application below to provide textile waste:

Sourcing of waste:

  • Local municipalities, cities and governments.
  • Industrial producers, including clothing manufacturers.
  • Used clothing from textile waste collection companies and directly from clothing manufacturers.

If our mission resonates with you, fill in the form below and we will reach out to discuss possible mutually beneficial cooperation.

Toomas Allikas
CEO, Greenful Netherlands