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Greenful manufactures a variety of 100% eco-friendly products that utilize textile waste including; wall panels, decorative boards, structural insulated panels, and paving bricks. They all have one characteristic in common; our world-leading innovation in the use of waste to create outstanding construction materials.

Product usage

70% of a house can be built from Greenful products! Every house built from Greenful products reduces CO2 in the atmosphere by 300 tons CO2 eq.

Greenful products

Greenful Panel

Robust load-bearing panel made from textile fibers and unique composite material. Ideal for internal and external construction.

Available in a wide variety of sizes. Fire-resistant shielding built-in.

Greenful SIP Panel

Structural panel offering a foam insulating Layer of textile fibers, sandwiched between two ‘Versa-tiles’ for extra insulating effect.

Perfectly adapted to colder climates. Idea for wall paneling.

Greenful Ecotile

Conglomerate material of textile fiber, tire rubber and plastic — shredded and mixed with glue to form thick tiles.

Replaces concrete, asphalt, bricks, wood, etc. Ideal for e.g. paving sidewalks, park grounds.