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Strong, load bearing panel made from textile fibers and a proprietary composite material.

Greenful Panel

Greenful Panel is a strong, load-bearing panel made from textile fibers and proprietary composite material.

Greenful panels can be used anywhere in internal or external construction, flooring, roofing, and near foundations. Also for decorative surfaces, furniture, packaging, and protective shielding against water or fire.

Greenful works like wood paneling, takes screws and nails, can be sawed, cut, and painted or coated like wood.

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Product advantages

Greenful Panels can be used in any environment

Greenful Panels provide a number of advantages over wood and other types of construction materials:

Homogeneous material, equally strong in all directions.
Water- and mold-resistant.
Recyclable into new panels at end of life.

Technical characteristics

Greenful Panel technical characteristics are superior to traditional wood materials:

Property Units Performance
Weight kg/m2 13.0 (w/ 15mm thickness)
Density kg/m3 870
Modulus of Rupture (MOR) n/mm2 28.0
Modulus of Elasticity (MOE) n/mm2 1632
Swelling in water After 24 hours 0.04%
Tensile strength n/mm2 1.64
Resistance withdrawal of screws n/mm2 270
Moisture content 0.2%
Fire class rating Class rating “B” preliminary

Environmental advantage

Greenful Panels manufacturing is much cleaner than wood panels and 100% eco-friendly. The panel is fully recyclable at the end of its life.

Wood panels (OSB, LVL, plywood, etc.) Greenful Panels
Air pollution including Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), NO2, CO & CO2 No pollution of any kind (air, ground or water)
Use of toxic chemicals (e.g. Formaldehyde, a carcinogen) to bind the wood chips together No toxic chemicals used
Large use of water to clean and condition the wood No water used in product
High energy usage to press and heat panels Low energy use, only electricity (no fossil fuel)
Risk of accidental chemical spill or discharge Very low risk of any accident, low impact

Lower CO2 footprint

The Greenful panel is among the lowest CO2 footprint of any construction material.

Does not include the benefits of recycling the panel again into new panel at end of life.

Use of Greenful materials can help buildings achieve BREEAM or LEED environmental certifications.

Data is from VTT Finland “Carbon Footprint for Building Products” published in 2013 (copy is available). CO2e is a sum of fossil based emissions calculated with help of IPPC weighting factors (for 100 years). The CO2e figures exclude the biogenic carbon dioxide emissions and sequestered carbon, an approach adopted by the ECO2-research project.
The Greenful panel data set is as per LCA study and includes CO2 saved by not incinerating textile waste.

Greenful products

Greenful Panel

Robust load-bearing panel made from textile fibers and unique composite material. Ideal for internal and external construction.

Available in a wide variety of sizes. Fire-resistant shielding built-in.

Greenful SIP Panel

Structural panel offering a foam insulating Layer of textile fibers, sandwiched between two ‘Versa-tiles’ for extra insulating effect.

Perfectly adapted to colder climates. Idea for wall paneling.

Greenful Ecotile

Conglomerate material of textile fiber, tire rubber and plastic — shredded and mixed with glue to form thick tiles.

Replaces concrete, asphalt, bricks, wood, etc. Ideal for e.g. paving sidewalks, park grounds.

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