The Greenful Group is a leader in the innovative recycling of textile, plastic and rubber waste into new value-added products that serve our customers and improve the environment.


    Creating value from waste


    Greenful transforms 10,000 tons of textile waste into enough construction panels to build over 350 sustainable homes

    Textile waste is a huge problem globally with up to 50 million tons generated every year from exploding consumer and industrial textile demand around the world. In Europe alone, over 3 million tons of waste is produced annually. Much of this waste is due to the “fast fashion” industry where inexpensive clothing is produced to meet ever-changing fashion trends where consumers dispose of the clothing after only a few wears.

    Currently, in Europe more than 85% of this used clothing is sent to landfills or incinerated, creating mountains of waste and huge pollution discharge. The EU recognized this issue by placing textile waste on their top 5 waste management objectives and limiting landfill disposal and incineration. Unfortunately, the EU did not say what to do with this waste, leaving towns and municipalities all over Europe with no answers – until Greenful came along!


    The reduction and recycling of waste is a major issue and solving it will play a key role in achieving Europe’s climate ambitions.

    • Over 2.8M tons of textile waste is generated every year in Europe (source Eurostat) but only 15% is recycled, a full 85% goes to landfills or is incinerated.
    • In 2018 total plastic used in Europe was 51M tons but only 29M was collected as waste, of which 9M was recycled (=32%).
    • While 92% of used car tires are collected in Europe (= 3.1M tons), only 57% are recycled into another use, 35% are incinerated for energy (ETRMA- Eur. Tire Association).

    Why Choose Greenful?

    • Our products are made from 100% waste, are 100% eco-friendly, and are 100% recyclable into new product at the end of life.
    • Greenful has a significant impact on the level of waste in the environment by producing and selling products at scale, the more we make the better the world becomes.
    • Our products perform better than traditional materials while priced at competitive levels, a win-win situation for our customers and the planet.

    EU Directives

    To deal with this crisis the EU has issued new directives.

    • The Waste Framework Directive: at least 55% of municipal waste (including textile) must be recycled by 2025 and 65% by 2035
    • The Landfill Directive: no more than 10% of all waste can go to landfills by 2035 (the current average is 28%)

    All EU member countries have until 2035 to find a solution. For textiles, Greenful is the the only solution with sufficient volumes to make an impact.

    Greenful products

    Greenful Panel

    Strong, load bearing panel made from textile fibers and a proprietary composite material.
    • Wide variety of size choices
    • For internal or external construction
    • Protective shield against fire

    Greenful SIP Panel

    Structural insulated panel made from a foam insulating layer with textile fibers between two Greenful panels.
    • Insulated sandwich panel
    • Used for wall paneling
    • Best suited for colder climates

    Greenful Ecotile

    Conglomerate material of textile fiber, plastic and tire rubber shredded and mixed with glue to form thick tiles
    • For paving sidewalks, park grounds etc
    • Replaces concrete, asphalt, bricks, wood