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Greenful Netherlands to Collect 5,000 Tons of Textile Waste, Starting in Q1 2024

textile waste

Greenful Netherlands BV will start to collect textile waste at scale, beginning with 5,000 tons, commencing in the first quarter of 2024. By 2026 Greenful Netherlands BV will already need 50,000t for one full factory in the Netherlands. Each new Greenful factory solves 50,000 tons of textile waste annually in the local country.


The collected textile waste will be the primary raw material for Greenful’s groundbreaking flagship product, the Greenful Panel. The Greenful Panel is a revolutionary construction panel representing the world’s first fully circular and sustainable solution made entirely from textile and plastic waste. Greenful Netherlands BV aims to contribute significantly to waste reduction and create eco-friendly construction materials by harnessing the potential of discarded textiles.


We accept all types of textile waste, encompassing both synthetic and natural fibers. Our innovative technology eliminates the need for any supplier pre-processing, simplifying the waste management process for textile waste producers. However, the materials must be clean and dry, without damp or heavily soiled components.


“We are excited to launch this initiative to collect textile waste on a significant scale. By transforming discarded textiles into our innovative Greenful panels, Greenful is solving the textile waste problem at scale and offering a sustainable alternative for the construction industry. We invite suppliers to join us on this journey towards a greener, more circular future. Yet, this is only the first step for Greenful in Europe. By 2030 we aim to recycle more than 500,000 tons of textile waste annually“, said Toomas Allikas, Founder and CEO of Greenful Group. 


Suppliers interested in contributing to Greenful Netherlands BV’s textile waste collection initiative are encouraged to contact us through the link below. We look forward to collaborating with like-minded organizations and individuals committed to positively impacting the environment.


For textile waste collection, please fill in the application form